resolution issue with samsung lcd connected via hd

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resolution issue with samsung lcd connected via hd

Postby Rayancaleb » 03 May 2018, 08:42


I have just bought Raspberry Pi 3 and installed Openelec. After connecting my TV through HDMI I have noticed that not a full screen is shown. For whatever reason, the TV "thinks it is 40" one, while it is only 37". While it is most probably a TV problem, I wonder if there is a way to fix/accommodate it through having proper HDMI-output-to-VGA-input adapter. The internet has a lot of confusing information where some say that such adapter is impossible and all those that are available are crap and do not work; others say it work for them. So I wonder if there is any reliable "Raspberrry Pi-approved" adapter that will surely work. Some background information:
1) I have similar problem with this TV in Ubuntu. Fortunately, on my Ubuntu laptop I have a video card and software that allows to modify the resolution and thus correct this issue (need to redo it every time when I reconnect the laptop though). The same laptop while having Windows Vista, was connecting to the same TV via HDMI with no issues (which makes me think it is not entirely TV problem).
2) I have another laptop (old Dell latitute D610) that currently has Openelec installed and connected to my TV via VGA. No resolution issues in this case. That is why I believe HDMI-to_VGA adapter may fix the issue for me.

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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