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Младший лейтенант
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Postby tarumkebzo » 14 Nov 2018, 12:44

If the link is as below. It stops after 3 seconds and never play again.

If the link is as below. It stops and play again after for a while.

How can figure out this problem?

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Re: link

Postby admin » 14 Nov 2018, 17:29

Could you clarify the following:
Do you have issues with playback the Open TV channels?

About "m3u8":
We verify the app for support HLS v3 ("h264" for video and "acc" for audio)

The unicast MPEG-TS (over TCP) stream will work on most of the devices.

In case of the following links:

This should work while the remote server doesn't close the network connection.
If the server closes the stream connection the player report about it.
Most probably your server closes the connection after 3 sec.

Simple verification:
Just put the one link from above in the address bar in your browser.
If the downloading is never ending - it's good.
If the downloading stops after some time - this will not work in the app. (it means that server closes the connection)
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