Wrong monitor size + display doesn't fit TV screen

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Wrong monitor size + display doesn't fit TV screen

Postby Rayancaleb » 03 May 2018, 08:41


I'm new to Mint (and a newbie on Linux). Anyways... I have a display issue with my Linux Mint 17.1 which is running on my new Intel NUC DN2820. I've connected it over HDMI to an old Panasonic 37" HD-ready plasma TV.After a couple of tries, I managed to get the NUC connected over HDMI to the TV. However, the image is a bit cropped. Every side of it is just a bit too large to fit the screen. For example, I can just see the top 1/3rd of the taskbar.I've checked the display properties and I can see that Mint does detect that I have a Panasonic TV but it detects a 32" screen whereas my TV is 37". I don't know how to change that.I've tried several resolutions but the image never fits my the screen perfectly.I've used the usual trick to install the Intel Graphics driver and it improved the situation a little (image is fitting the screen a tad better and colours looks better too). However, it is still not OK.
I've connected my PC to a normal PC LCD screen and it works perfectly fine with the image fitting the screen perfectly.

Please help.

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