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Re: Bug SSIPTV + 42LM640S-ZA (LG)

Postby nope » 30 Jan 2016, 00:00

I am running SS IPTV from "LG Store" (it's an app I can install from their network). I don't know what is "LG Smart World".
My tv is LG UB850v from 2014, but it got a firmware upgrade in 2015 which includes the new version of SSIPTV, it also gets app updates from time to time.

The TV has USB ports, but I don't know how to run apps from USB (it can play plain movie files from there). Is it possible to install SS IPTV on USB?
My playlist includes shows from the Internet, I don't understand how USB can be involved.

I figured that if I put audio-track="eng,rus" without space after comma then the menu gets "1:English, 2:Русский" -- somewhat better, but it still does not switch the audio tracks.

Thanks for the help!

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