Problems with subtitles.

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Problems with subtitles.

Postby juliopedroni » 08 Mar 2017, 15:10

Good Morning,
I apologize for my english.
I am using an external playlist on SSIPTV and am having problems with special characters:
Accentuation, cedilla, line break, etc. Information:

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="Filme" tvg-name="Filme" subtitles="" aspect-ratio="original",Filme

00:01:31,599 --> 00:01:35,673
<i>Eu pensava que este era o começo
da sua história.</i>

Expected result:
Eu pensava que este era o começo
da sua história.

Eu pensava que este era o comeo da sua histria.

As you can see:
1 - The line break did not occur;
2 - Removed the character "ç" from the word "começo", presenting wrong: comeo;
3 - Removed the "o" character from the word "história", presenting wrong: histria;

1 - Change .srt file encoding to ANSI;
2 - Change .srt file encoding to UTF-8;
3 - Swap on my server to deliver .srt files with UTF-8 encoding;

My questions:
1 - Is there any way to solve the problem of special characters?
2 - Is there any way to solve the problem of the line break?
3 - Does SSIPTV accept any other type of external subtitles than .srt?

Additional question:
Currently, my local server (which I use as external on SSIPTV) is running as an application in IIS.
Is there any software best suited for creating a local server that might solve the subtitle problems?

In an attachment I put the playlist and the subtitle (rename it to .srt) for evaluation.
Thank you!

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Re: Problems with subtitles.

Postby carlosalvatore » 09 Mar 2017, 03:47


Your subtitle file is not UTF-8:

Code: Select all

$ file Subtitle_rename.m3u
Subtitle_rename.m3u: ISO-8859 text, with CRLF line terminators

I suggest using gna subtitle editor for linux (or an equivalent for MS Windows) in order to export the file to UTF-8 without loosing characters.

I am assuming you uploaded the ISO-8859 version of the file considering it to be the UFT-8 one. If this is not the case, please ignore my post.


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Re: Problems with subtitles.

Postby Eugene » 09 Mar 2017, 14:47

I also think that the file is not utf-8. There musnt' be any problem with characters if utf-8 is used.

srt specification doesn't describe line breaks.

You can find supported subtitles format on this page ... l-features

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