How to install SS IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

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Re: How to install SS IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Postby neevamerk » 20 Aug 2019, 08:35

Excellent guidance article. I hope same procedure will be applicable to my TV model.

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Re: How to install SS IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Postby rakivilsov » 21 Aug 2019, 14:27

koperfield wrote:First you need to know model of your TV. You can find it on back of your TV:
Or you can find it in settings of your TV, section Support → Contact Samsung:

It's two ways to install SS IPTV in dependence of your model.
If you have D, E, F, H-series or J-series, the procedure is as follows:

1. Download this file - click here
2. Extract the zip file. You can use WinRAR or 7zip.
3. Rename extracted folder to "ssiptv".
4. Copy this folder to USB.
5. Insert USB to TV xender discord omegle.
6. Enjoy the SS IPTV.

Another (better) way:
1. Open Samsung Apps and go to login page. (Or Settings -> Smart Hub -> Samsung Account, depending on your model.)
2. Login as username: develop and no password.
3. Click on My Apps -> Settings -> IP Settings. (Or click and hold on some app from Smart Hub [Not in the store!] and then click on IP Setting - again, depending on your model.)
4. Set IP to
5. Go back. Now click on Settings -> Start App Sync (Or click and hold on some app from Smart Hub [Not in the store!] and then click on Start App Sync. I don't wanna repeat it, you know.)
Video tutorial: *****:// (random found on the Internet)

FAQ for D, E, F, H-series and J-series:

If the SS IPTV is installed, can I remove the USB? (Question for first type of installation only)
No, you can't. If you remove the USB, SS IPTV will disappear. Of course, if you insert it back, it will appear again. But you can still use it as storage for photos, videos, ....

I have another question which is not shown in FAQ.
Write it under this thread, I will try to answer it.

If you have J or K, the procedure is so difficult.

1. Download Tizen Studio and file tizen.wgt
2. Install Tizen Studio.
3. After install open the Package Manager, don't restart.
4. Install "Baseline SDK" from "Tizen SDK Tools" in Package Manager.
5. After that restart your computer.
6. Open Tizen Studio.
7. Connect to your TV:

a) Open Remote Device Manager.
b) Turn on your TV and go to My apps. (from Smart Hub).
c) If you are in My apps, on remote control press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
d) Turn on developer mode and write local IP of PC where Tizen Studio is installed.
e) Turn off your TV, then turn on.
f) Press Scan in Remote Device Manager.
g) You'll find your TV. Toggle the switch to on.

8. Create a certificate.

a) Open "Certificate Manager" through Alt+Shift+C.
b) Click on "+".
c) Select Samsung, next TV, Create a new certificate profile (name it as you like), Create a new author certificate, enter Author name and Password (as you like).
d) Now you have to login to Samsung account. Register or login.
e) Select backup path (as you like).
f) Select Create a new distributor certificate.
g) Check if your TV is added (DUID).

9. Import tizen.wgt.

a) Select File → Import → Tizen Project and tick Archive file.
b) Specify the location of file tizen.wgt.
c) Change version of project to tv and 3.0 and tick the project.

10. Right-click on the project imported and select "Build signed package"
11. Now right-click again and select Run as → 1 Tizen Web Application
12. App will start. Enjoy.

UPDATE: As @Florin9doi noticed, it is required to downgrade Tizen Studio. Here is his post.

FAQ for J and K series:

My TV is not shown in Remote Device Manager.
That's because your TV has turned on function "Instant On." You have to turn off it in Settings → System → General → Instant On. After that check in My apps if the PCs IP is set.

Can I turn on function Instant On after installing?
Yes, you can.

Have I to start PC whenever I want to start SS IPTV?
No, you haven't. You can remove Tizen Studio, too.
Update: Not true! Every time you turn off the TV it wipes out the TV and you have to install it again. (That's updates from my Samsung TV, if it's not right, please tell me to DM. Thanks!)
Update#2: I tried SS IPTV on Samsung MU6172 and it didn't remove. Half a year without any problem, so it could be a problem just for J/K series.

I got an error "Installing the package... > Fail"
That's because your TV doesn't have accepted your certificate. Right-click on connected TV and select Permit to install applications.

I have another question which is not shown in FAQ.
Write it under this thread, I will try to answer it.

ok, this: I turned off automatic updating smart hub .when i reboot the tv comes out of app updates, 0/1 apps expired. I have tv samsung UEJU6800. waiting for news. thank you..
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Re: How to install SS IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Postby guzman88 » 23 Aug 2019, 18:08

Good morning,

I have a Samsung UE48JU6640U TV model and I have tried to install the SSIPTV app through the Tizen program and through a USB following this guide ****://****/en/users/documents/installing. I got it installed by the 2 methods and it worked but my TV finally, when it passes a while it erases it automatically. I do not get into the applications folder of my TV, I have a shortcut on the main screen. In my television I have disabled automatic updates of the TV and applications, but as I said before, my TV ends up removing the application when some time passes or when I turn off and turn on my TV.

Sorry for my English but I am Spanish. I hope you can help me, thank you very much!

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Re: How to install SS IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Postby notedsl44 » 11 Sep 2019, 15:14

Hi , everyone
thanks for your perfect topics
I have a problem with samsung smart tv (UA32N5300ASXEG)
i tried all ways and also that mentioned in the replies but they all faild
can anyone help me
thanks alot

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