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Frozen screen LG TV

Posted: 17 Aug 2018, 17:15
by Tom79H
I have a problem with playing IPTV provider channels. I can play them on my computer but when I play them on my smart tv screen gets frozen immediately and I can't even hear the sound.

I tried to play free channels available in SS IPTV aplication and it works. Broadcast played from SS IPTV application works as well.

Any ideas what can cause this issue?


Re: Frozen screen LG TV

Posted: 13 Sep 2018, 12:13
by ChristopherIsrael
I have also heard about the issues with LG sets freezing. Similar problem happened to my LG set, in spite of the fact that the controls on the set responded, the remote did not.

For this situation it gave the idea that my pratting about with another upscaling DVD player caused the inconvenience. I've officially posted on this inside the gathering.

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Re: Frozen screen LG TV

Posted: 13 Sep 2018, 14:37
by Tom79H
I reached very small progress – as I wrote, my tv screen gets frozen but after 30-40 seconds it starts to play but just for a while (0.5 sec) and gets freeze again, then it plays for a while and gets freeze again. It repeats few times and then it gets freeze. Btw I tried another IPTV application and it works.