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epg setup

Posted: 13 Sep 2018, 16:39
by raj
hello if anyone could be helpful. i need to set the epg but dont know the process. i have set up the m3u list and its running.

Re: epg setup

Posted: 18 Sep 2018, 18:23
by admin
We have EPG for many channels.
If you unable to see the current programs it may be by following reasons:
1. Your channels haven't been recognized properly
2. Our server doesn't have your channels. (You may suggest us to add).

It is possible to link external EPG source, but it is not an easy task. It's better to ask your provider about it.

Re: epg setup

Posted: 25 Sep 2018, 08:42
by Gh0stSnipu
What about adding own epg list as .xml? and if that is possible, where to add it? I have Finland, Usa, Sweden and Uk epg lists as .xml format.