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Black screen only sound

Posted: 17 Jan 2019, 16:11
by boz1975
Hallo, Ihave a probel wit the app SSIPTV that i'am using on my Smart IPTV
I'm using on my smart TV model: (Hitachi 49HK6W64 - 4K Ultra HD smart TV).
I get sound only the screen is bklack.
Can you help me with this problem?

Re: Black screen only sound

Posted: 19 Jan 2019, 13:01
by rick1221
You are facing the issue on your screen as the screen is only black and the only sound is coming. I have heard about this issue on other TVs but not on the smart tv like this. Have you tried to call the service engineer for that? I think the clour panel has been damaged.

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Re: Black screen only sound

Posted: 23 Jan 2019, 17:47
by jokerporto
same problem, after an update , my channel link reproduces audio but not the image , but on the video club on the same link , it open the image and sound , so it´s not from the tv but the app SSIPTV, I think

Re: Black screen only sound

Posted: 27 Jan 2019, 12:57
by bruazi
Good morning, I've never had any problems but from today on the IPTV application the screen is black and only the audio works. I've been told that the IPTV application is not updated frequently and therefore often finds itself behind the new advancing technologies. But it is not possible to update this application?