IPTV blocked even with VPN

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IPTV blocked even with VPN

Postby Rubens87 » 10 Oct 2019, 11:23


How come the IPTV is blocked on the TV even using a VPN??

So, before I wasn't using a VPN and after that crackdown on IPTV servers, my m3u link was no longer working on my TV and laptop. After I contacted my provider, they gave me a new m3u link that was working on my laptop but not on the TV, so I bought a OpenVPN router so that the network that goes into my TV is also "secured". Still, it didn't worked out!

I checked on the TV if my IP was the same or of I had some DNS leakage but nope, all was OK, according to the server that I was using. In the end, my providers changed the m3u link (new servers) and it eventually worked!!

However, after 3-4 days, the IPTV is blocked again. So, why is this happening? Why is it possible to watch the link on my laptop but not on the tv?! Even though both have VPNs??


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