Streaming stops after about 30 sec of play

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Streaming stops after about 30 sec of play

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Hello Everyone,

I have a new problem that appeared about 2 days ago.

The TV stream will start normally, then suddenly it will just stop in its current frame after maybe 30 seconds of playing.. the audio is gone, and the video just stop playing (frozen on last frame).

When it first started, it would just freeze the video but audio would still keep playing... but not both audio/video just stop. Changing the channel, or starting to watch at different time on the same channel will fix the issue for another 30 seconds, then stop again.

I have verified it's not my stream supplier, as I am able to watch the same streams from their website using a browser and the stream plays forever. So the problem must exist somewhere on my TV or with the app... but where?

It looks like the "build" on the app shows date 2020-07-10?! That seems suspiciously recent.. is it possible something was changed in the app recently?

Looking for any help, thank you!

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