Theme 1 - m3u behaviour and future development.

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Theme 1 - m3u behaviour and future development.

Postby kokokool » 06 Nov 2018, 21:16


First of all i want to say thanks for your outstanding app. This is an app that truly does something that I couldn't find in other apps (i'll explain that sooner). First of all I want to summarize mi experience with this app:

Thanks to your app, I use a Pastebin (made by me) url that triggers a several m3u playlists that consequently gives me a sort of streaming menu that I made. This app offers m3u navigation through (levels), giving you a ordered structure and secuence, so my movies are placed by category, and name. Plenty of other apps, and perhaps all the others, does not have that feature so, it gives back an error while searching for a multimedia file (since I have "layers" of m3u's, in just one pastebin, it wont load.).

My questions are:

0.- However, I do not know the exact name of that feature that SSIPTV has.
1.- I use this app on a LGTV without any trouble at all. even if is new series or old.
2.- Also,i use this app on a Samsung Series 6 Smart TV. haven't tried Samsung's Tizen app yet.
3.- Third Party Android app SSIPTV V1.0 (which is a port from a Smart TV, perhaps Samsung) has some issues (perhaps codec, correct me if i'm wrong), loading a same streaming, giving a black screen but with audio. Would like to know if theres a fix for that, cusit might solve a big big issue streaming something through android..
4.- Cant find any similar app that works on IOS (that allows you to navigate through several m3u levels.

Can you help me on (0), (3) and (4) ??

Best regards.

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