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Loading Channels

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I'm new to all of this so bear with me.
I subscribe to an channel provider and previously used a web browser to access the content.
I have recently bought a Smart TV a Sharp Aquos 40BJ3E.
With help from the provider I have set up the eternal playlist so I see all the channels available.
The problem is when selecting any channel.

If I now select say BBC1 I get full screen and what looks like the download icon bottom left. This has "Now on BBC one: Programme name" to the right of it. However the icon soon changes to a red circle with a diagonal red bar going from right to left and the words Unable to play BBC One. Other stations are similar.

So everything looks OK except the programme/channel can not be loaded

Apologies btw if I got the naming conventions wrong!
Secondly I've just tried this on a Smart LG TV and get the same, i.e. the channel looks like it's loading but then fails and starts to reload again

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